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Q Applied Systems can help you eliminate technology’s biggest enemies: dust, heat moisture and humidity. Even small machines can deteriorate with just a minor accumulation of dirt. Imagine, then the potential damage that accumulated dirt can wreak on complex equipment that require controlled conditions to maintain optimal function. What about the hazards caused by machines with big ventilation systems, when these are set-up in dirt-prone areas? As an HVAC manufacturers’ representative in California, we can help protect your investments by maintaining the cleanliness and the conditions of your facility’s environment. Trust us to help create the environment which best supports the heavy, daily use of your machinery and other equipment.

Whether you’re company deals in pharmaceuticals, biotech, high-tech manufacturing or is a medical facility; moisture and dust control are a priority for quality control. Dust and moisture can destroy the most delicate equipment and create health risks, which will cost your company greatly!

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Q Applied Systems represents the highest quality, industry-standard companies in:

  • HVAC equipment
  • Moisture and humidity control
  • Fume and dust collection

When a proper ventilation system or a dust collection system has been set up in your facility, you will see a remarkable difference. Not only your equipment, but also your staff will benefit from the improved working conditions, which will translate to better production efficiency and quality control.

Most importantly, at Q Applied Systems, the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) we represent back our services. When we send our team to assess your needs and to install your systems, it’s as good as a visit from the brands we represent. We are HVAC representatives of the cream of the crop in industrial and commercial HVAC, and you can bet that the brands we stand for want only the best for their customers.

A History of Success

We are proud of our unbroken consistency in serving our customers’ needs. We know there is no room for error, and we embrace that fact as a part of our job. In selecting the right system or when assisting in maintenance, you can count on us. In addition, our decisions will come from thorough evaluation of your problems and/or needs.

…in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico, we urge you to see why Q Applied Systems is your best choice for engineered systems and solutions for your commercial or industrial operation. Don’t wait a day more to get in touch with our people. Learn More!

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