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Q Applied Systems is a manufacturers' representative of HVAC and moisture control equipment and systems as well as fume and dust collection products throughout Southern California and Baja Mexico.

Contact us to discuss HVAC and engineering solutions for moisture, humidity, fume or dust control on your project.

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Glad You Made It Here – Now Relax

STOP: If you have not received your 2021 T-Shirt yet then this post will not make sense. “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”Mark Twain 1897 in Followi…

A Visual Example of Control Signal Interference

It was interesting to note however that prior to correction, when using a hand-held meter, the same signal was measured as steady both at the PLC and wire itself.

Electric Heater Replacement
Tutco Electric Heaters Replace Dell Heatrix

Are you looking to replace an old Dell Heatrix electric heater?  Many professionals are finding replacement heaters difficult now that the Dell Heatrix heaters are no longer available.  Old Dell Heatrix Coil That Ne…

CDI Dehumidifier
CDI Dehumidifiers Saves Lives

The worldwide demand for increased Covid-19 vaccines and testing kits has put a tremendous strain on manufacturing and the precision HVAC equipment necessary to condition the environment.


With over 30 years experience Bill Reagan has gained a reputation as a manufacturer’s representative of quality equipment and manufacturer’s to meet the most demanding HVAC applications.

…in Southern California and Baja California, Mexico, we urge you to see why Q Applied Systems is your best choice for engineered systems and solutions for your commercial or industrial operation. Don’t wait a day more to get in touch with our people.